Friday, July 15, 2011

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This weekend will be spent just getting stuff done. I have to work part of the day tomorrow and then I have a hair appointment I am very much looking forward to. Gonna lighten this do up for summer! (btw- if you are in Arizona, east valley specifically, and you need a haircut or some color...which you probably do, go see Brody at Mood Swings. I have never liked my hair more, he is great! Tell him I sent you and you can get 10.00 off your firt appt. Now go!)
We leave for vacation on Tuesday so I will probably fill the rest of the weekend with cleaning our house and finishing up laundry to try and avoid last minute packing Monday night...I am famous for it :)

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

- I saw this camera bag here and it is just what I have been looking for! I sent the link to Tim and he snatched it up for me! yeah. I am spoiled :)

- Yeah, tears will def happen while watching this. VIA CROMEYELLOW

- I was a big fan of The Hills (but only during the LC Days) and this is gold!
(btw- also pretty cool that it is posted by Hill producer and Hellogiggles co-founder, Sophia Rossi)

- This looks perfect for a lovely summer treat!

-Wait, haven't we already seen this? VIA MOUNTAINPOTATO

- Isn't this video of my kid cute? Okay, it is not my kid, but it totally could be!

What does your weekend look like? Hope it is a good one :)


courtney said...

happy friday to you! have doing all of your fun weekend errands!!i need to see what all this hellogiggles fuss is about i guess! ha!

bri kim said...

Thanks Courtney! I hope your weekend is great :) and you most def need to check out hellogiggles, it is cute and funny!!

Rubyellen said...

hi bri! i totally remember meeting you at renegade last year! just wanted to pop in and see if you were going to attend friday? i know you mentioned it and we are just trying to get a final count together, so thought i would check in! let me know! xoxo ruby

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