My Weekend in an Instant...

Monday, July 11, 2011

This weekend was the perfect relaxing, just busy enough sorta weekend.
Even though it was a four day work week, Emily and I were both exhausted come 4:00 Friday so we headed to The Living Room directly after work for a drink.
The rest of the night was pretty chill just hanging out at home with Tim and my sister Olivia.

My Aunt had asked me take a few photos of granddaughters, so Saturday that is what I did (more photos later). We shot the photos outdoors and it was DEFINITELY hot, but the girls were troopers and come on, how could you refuse taking pictures of these cuties?
After our little photo shoot, I came home and found this waiting for me on the kitchen table...

I then showered and got ready for a double date with The Haires. I wore my moms old earrings and I love them!

We headed to Postinos in Arcadia and it was super crowded so we walked across the way to the LGO market and perused a bit.
After waiting for quite sometime, in the humidity, with no sign of a table soon, we decided to head over to the other Postinos location. We were seated right away! us Kims had never been but The Haires highly recommended it and it certainly did not disappoint! I wish I could have got a couple pictures of our delicious food but it was just too dark inside and well I only had my cell phone.

Afterwards, we headed back to Chandler and stopped at Bosa donuts for some coffee and donuts. Sometimes a donut really hits the spot and Bosa has the best donuts I have ever tried in Arizona!
We went back to Pat and Emily's to watch Paul but I fell asleep more than halfway through. haha.
Sunday we slept in till about 1:30. Yes that is late and yes that is lazy. I did consider getting up a few times but when I thought about it, I realized I had nothing to do so I kept sleeping. You have to take advantage of lazy opportunities people! After we woke up we spent the afternoon lounging around and I made Tim watch She Devil with me while we ate Korean snacks.

I spent the rest of the night finishing up some work and then editing photos and was sustained my snacks my wonderful husband brought me.

We watched True Grit and then headed to be a little late. Now it is Monday and all I can think about is in one week we will be on vacation...can't wait!

P.S. on Sunday morning we found out my cousins husband was attacked and seriously injured. Thankfully, he has been moved out of the ICU but your prayers and thoughts are much appreciated for their family!


Kara said...

Oh man, it's official. We all really need to be friends and hang out, especially because you mentioned two of my favorite places to eat in Phoenix: the Living Room and Postino! Sooooooo good. Another good place you guys should check out is The Parlor. It's on 20th-ish street and Camelback on the north side of the road. SO GOOD.

Stephanie said...

I love this post. Tons of food, dates, and fun! My kind of day! And my prayers go out to your cousins husband. I hope he gets better!

Katherine said...

Wow! What a fun weekend! Postino is my favorite. Have you ever been on a Mon/Tues night? They have a deal - $20 for a bottle of wine and bruschetta board which comes with 4 different types! It's seriously amazing.

❤ Katherine

D|i|Y EM|i| said...

Postinos is EVERYONE'S Fave! How could it not be? and an even better question, why don't we ever run into anyone there?!

Kerry said...

Yay for fabulous weekend! I'm only a little bit jealous ... this last weekend we spent the whole time slouching and watching movies after the crazy that was Disney! xo

bri kim said...

So overall, Postino's = Awesome... right ladies??

and Kerry, after Disney land you def need a weekend to relax!! hope you had a blast :)

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