Seriously...Snuggie vs. Booty Buddy

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Come on now Urban Outfitters...
There is no denying the latest UO fleece warming solution, "The Booty Buddy"

that is currently being sold for 89.00, was inspired by the, $14.95 Snuggie.

I am a big fan of the snuggie for the following reasons:

1. It is super long. I never understood why "throws" were so small, forcing you to scrunch your body up to try and cover everything and you constantly have to adjust pulling it up and pulling it down and you feel like one of those "classy" girls walking down Hollywood blvd. in a tube top "dress". And I totes get it's all cute to cuddle in the fetal position but sometimes I want to lay on my couch full wasted style, all limbs stretched out. (Does this happen to anyone else or are my blankets abnormally small?)

2. I hate getting up. I just don't like to move all that much. Like before I sit down to watch Bones I make sure I have the remotes with me, because once your all settled in it just sucks to get up. Y'all feel me right? That's why I don't lock my front door because people drop by kinda often (by people I mean my little sisters, don't get confused, I still have no life) and I don't want to have to interrupt my comfort to let someone in. Obviously, I am an adult, so I do understand that on occasion I do actually have to get up and this is where using the snuggie can really help my attitude. Getting up sucks. we have covered that. But getting up when it is cold, beyond sucks. While using the snuggie you never have to leave your blanket behind or do some weird cape wrap. It is on you, as long as you want it on you.

3. I get cold super easy. Even in the summer, in Arizona, I get cold. When I am all bundled up on the couch and I have trapped all the warmth inside my blanket shield the last thing I want to do is create a hole, however small, to reach for the remote and change the channel. What is a girl to do...choose between absolute warmth or entertainment? With the snuggie this is a non-issue. The sleeves enable you to stay warm while having full access to other objects.

So after reading all this I am sure you are convinced you need a snuggie too, and you know what, you absolutely do. Now sure the UO version does have a hood and a cute pattern but seriously 89.00? How do they get away with that?
Go ahead and buy yourself a snuggie and if you want it to be all cute and fancy, send it to me and I will break out the puff paints and studs and I will bedazzle that shit for you. Just keep it real.

P.S. For all you cat lovers, they also have this version, so you now have something to wear to your cat cult meetings:

P.S.S. I also have an extra dog snuggie up for grabs, if that is the sorta thing you are in to.

P.S.S. I am sure you are all thinking by now "Bri, there was no need for you to clarify that you do not have a life. You just wrote a post about the snuggie."


Kara said...

Wow, THAT is ridiculous. Who would pay almost a hundred dollars FOR A SNUGGIE?!

Also, imagining you "bedazzling that shit" for me literally made me laugh out loud. So much win.

bri kim said...

hahaha thanks kara!

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