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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

*I know I just used this picture in the post below but I love it!

This right here, is classic Tim.

In a discussion about whether or not we will ever hang out with a friend of his, that we have been talking about hanging out with for awhile now...

BK: Are we ever actually gonna hang out with this guy?
TK: Yeah but ya know, he eats Frosted Flakes.
BK: What?
TK: You know he has dandruff flakes.
BK: What are you talking about?
TK: You know Frosted Flakes, Dandruff Flakes...He is kinda flaky.


LO FI LOVE said...

I so look forward to these now. He is hilarious!

sal said...

I love these and I love that photo. Most brilliant idea for a post series ever.

bri kim said...

What can I say, I am a lucky lady!

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