Talks with TK...Love Letter Edition

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I have mentioned before that the first year of mine and Tim's dating relationship was long distance. He in California and I in Arizona. Throughout that year we wrote lots of letters back and forth. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed receiving Tim's letters and I think getting to know him through written word might even helped me fall in love a little faster ♥
Tim put so much into his letters that each one almost felt like a little date! (which was nice since we did not get to actually go on real date too often)He would include a long letter, little notes, drawings and sometime he would even make me games to play! haha. I always appreciated his creativity and it helped to keep my heart still while we were apart. In fact, when he decided to move to Arizona, I was a little sad that we would not have to write letters anymore.(Although, he still writes bomb birthday cards!)
Anyhow, I thought that occasionally I might share snippets here and there from our letters, (none of the lovey dovey stuff, of course!)but don't blame me if you fall even more in love with him !

::Tim's Mock up of my old xanga site-dating 2 months::


Ashley said...

I loveee this! I look forward to these so much! I laughed so much when I read, "Only if Tim can open his asian eyes and see that I am in love"

Kara said...

Oh, my, gosh. I'm sort of in love with your husband. HOW ADORABLE IS HE?! "Interests: God, TIm"

LOL. So much lol. I need to meet this man, stat.

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