Friday, September 2, 2011

My husband is da bomb because last night be brought me home a bag full of my favorite mexican candies for no reason.

Why wouldn't my weekend start off right? Let's all thank the Lord up above for a long weekend! Hallelujah! Tim is taking Emily and I on a date tonight (because her husband is out of town. See above about being the bomb) and the rest of the weekend I have no plans other than catching up on a few posts I need to finish and reading Harry Potter. Man, life is good. Oh and I suppose I should do laundry. hahahha yeah right.

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

-I would like to purchase all these items for TK

-Are you brave enough to try Bri's suggestion to achieving a better body?

-Just stumbled upon this blog and this blog and I think these ladies are too sweet!

-I would not normally go for something like this, but @racheldenbow tweeted about it yesterday and I kinda sorta love it

-Reason# #568 I wish I lived in LA: So I could have fringe viewing parties with Sal! This makes me so excited. Trust me, you want to get into this show!

Peace out ya'll!


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