The Little Things...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last night Tim and I went out for sushi before running a couple errands. I paid for dinner but as soon as the server handed me back my card I immediately handed it to Tim to figure out the tip. I just hate figuring out the tip. It's just like one of those little things that I don't like to do and Tim is more than willing (and at this point expects it) to take care of the it for me. So I started thinking about all those little things that I hate to do that having a husband has for the most part allowed me to not have to do anymore...

-Figure out the tip on a bill

-Clean up poopy pup situations

-Struggle to reach things high in my closet

-Run to the store late at night for last minute things

-Watch terrible television by myself

-Get up for a glass of water when I just found the comfiest spot

-Figure out electronic stuff

and honestly, the list could probably go on for awhile. Of course, there are the big things like being a hardworker, an always encouraging partner and just an overall great guy. But sometimes it is good to stop and think about the little things, that on a day to day could go unnoticed, cause we all know the little things count just as much. Especially when the pup drops one on the carpet.

*Bri- Don't tilt your head back
*Tim- But I want to look gangster

Oh yeah, and I can't forget incredibly handsome :)


Marilyn said...

I'm glad you guys make each other so happy and provide such wonderful company for one another <3

Also, Rick and I love you writing style.

Sal Diaz said...

Theres nothing more gangster then tilting your head back with 2 cones in your hand. (im serious) #Awesome!

amyschmamey said...

This is awesome! Yes. My hubs takes care of some of the things I don't like to do... like taking out the trash, checking to make sure the door is locked, finding my shoes for me... ha.

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