We cool as ice now...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

So, I have been ignoring this little blog of mine this week, for no specific reason other then I have not thought much about it. We have been staying at my parents house since Friday due to our lack of AC and hanging out with my fam just seemed like more fun then sitting at the computer. But I miss you guys.
(you know who you are . the five people who read my blog. Okay, I don't want to exaggerate. The two people who read my blog)
So here is a little visual TK Treat for ya:
(Note: I don't know who made this. I have had it on my computer forever, but I am pretty certain this is TK's dream world)

By the way...WE HAVE COLD AIR AGAIN! We have moved back into our house and I slept like a baby, in my own bed, all night.


Katherine said...

Haha I read your blog! Me, Emily, and your husband...you've got at least a solid three! :)

❤ Katherine

Anonymous said...

that means 33% of the viewership is out of spousal obligations

bri kim said...

haha thanks katherine! and anonymous who i am pretty sure is my husband!

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