The face of 28...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

For once I have a million things to post about and of course, I am way behind! So to start off here are a few pictures from Tim's 28Th Birthday! (on October 13th, eek!)

I seriously love this face so much. Even though it usually takes a handful of shots before you get a good one of that adorable smile!
My Mom always makes Tim dinner on his birthday and this year she of course did not disappoint. Meatloaf (Tim's request) and homemade Au gratin potatoes. Delish! My family also showered TK with a bunch of awesome gifts.

I got Tim these new boots and he wears them everywhere but to bed!
I am pretty sure this birthday card says it all...
Happy Birthday TK!


Jennifer Young said...

so sweet--what an amazing couple you make! happy birthday tim!

Kara said...

Those boots are super rad! Ryan would love some like that too. And a birthday card that has a kitten and the word "sex" on it? Magic. I kind of want to be you. That's not creepy right?

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