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Monday, October 17, 2011

Come this January, my schedule and our lives are going to be changing a bit. I will elaborate more at another time, but lately I have been feeling like I want to sort of "wrap things up" around here while I still have the time to!
So when I saw Danni's, Twelve by 2012: Project of Goals, I thought it would be the perfect thing to do, to put me on the right track! I love making lists, so this was a cinch. Here it goes:

1. Review finances and create a solid budget
2. Organize my closet
3. Set up our bed frame and finally "put together" our bedroom
4. Clean out the garage
5. Complete at least 1 crochet project
6. Go through and label all blog posts
7. Finally purchase a new pair of glasses
8. Re-organize office
9. Have wisdom teeth pulled
10. Start and stay consistent with P90x
11. make at least 1 handmade Christmas gift
12. Go on one last vacation before school!

So there are my goals for the remainder of this year. Obviously some more fun (12) than others (9!). If you want to join in make sure to link over at Danni's post and here is to a fruitful end of year!


Ashley said...

Ohhhh, I'm SO with you on P90x. It's so worth it, but so difficult to keep up with sometimes!

&& getting your wisdom teeth really isn't as bad as people say it is!! It's way more annoying & gross than painful. :)

D|i|Y EM|i| said...

Sounds like a solid plan! (I LOVE your new layout and photo) *Bri withdrawals*

Ashley said...

Foster the People was amazing! They are such great performers and all of their songs were really great. They sound way better in person!! Haha. My mom went with me (not by choice, but because none of my friends were available :) ) and she said she really liked them.

p.s. my lipstick is MAC's matte line, Lady Danger!

Kara said...

So great! Except #9, eep :( Hope that goes smoothly.

I should do this - I always have a 5 year plan, but sometimes I have problems being more focused on today!

jb said...

Love the list! I would love to see your homemade Christmas gift when you get that one finished. Good luck on all of your goals! I'm about to print mine out so I won't forget about them!

Love the blog btw, I'll definitely check out the rest of it and stop back by to see how you are doing on your list!

The Veda House said...

Loved reading your list for the end of 2011.

Jennifer Young said...

lovee itt! i really need to get on this bandwagon!

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