Friday, November 18, 2011

We made it to California safe and sound! The drive went by pretty fast with a little bit of napping, good convo and singing our favorite old school jams. We pulled into town just in time to grab a quick bite to eat and catch to the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn. I would not really consider myself a fan of the Twilight series. I read this first book and never desired to read anymore. I am not particularly attracted to anyone in the cast. (RPatts can look pretty good every now and then but lately has been looking pretty shabby) I have seen all the movies, and although not close to being good movies, I have been entertained and could get a few laughs from the cheesiness of it all.
But seriously guys, the latest installment is pure garbage. This movie was just so incredibly bad. The story was terrible, granted it was following the book (and I am told it did that pretty well), it was just plain stupid. Besides the corny laughable one liners, it was just plain boring. I will say that Kristen Stewart did have a larger array of emotion in this movie. She actually smiled in a few scenes and genuinely looked happy. After the movie, our group was split right down the middle: Half us thought it was trash and the other half loved it and can't wait for the second half. So that's that!

We intended on heading to Northern California this morning, but unfortunately, my cousin is super sick so we decided to stick around LA a bit longer and will head out to San Francisco Sunday. We don't mind one bit because it means we get to spend more time with some of our fave people!

Since I had a little time on my hands today, here are a few weeks I enjoyed this week:

-Beautiful Clouds

-I hope this movie comes to Arizona soon, I cannot wait to watch it!

-Kara is getting married tomorrow! So excited for her!

-I love cute office supplies!

-I can't get enough of Jen's beautiful photography!

Oh yeah, and I got to see this kid today...

Have a nice weekend!


Emmy Kim said...

Oooooo! Weekend blogger! We are seeing a matinee of BD today, and I am sure it will be fantastic.

aki! said...

I just find it hilarious how much Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson? hate Twilight even though that's what made them well known.

Jennifer Young said...

Haha..."she smiled a few times"...that girl cracks me up!

You are so sweet for linking me!! Thank you!

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