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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been busy, and working, and very sick and very tired. But most importantly I have been preparing for our 10 day vacation! That's right, today we leave for a bit of a road trip. No where fancy, but we are excited just the same. Here is our itinerary...

-Hit the road to Los Angeles around 2pm
-Catch a midnight showing of Breaking Dawn with friends (Seriously guys, I am little bit dreading this because of all the crazy, screaming little girls that will probably be there. I realize that thought makes me old)

-Get back on the road sometime in the morning and head to Northern California, Redding specifically, to visit my lovely cousin Gina and her family.

Saturday Night or Sunday Morning;
-Jump in the car and head to San Francisco to visit this guy!

Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning:
-Drive back to LA for thanksgiving with Tims family! My sister in law is seriously a genius in the kitchen and I cannot wait for her thanksgiving dinner!

-Head home

So that is what we will be doing for the next week. We both are super excited for this trip. We have been feeling really stressed and a little burnt out lately and we have just been laying in bed and night and talking about how it will be soooooo nice to get away for awhile. Even though I will miss being with my family for the holiday :(
As you can see, most of our trip we are just playing by ear. We wil be staying with friends and family the entire time so we don't have to have anything set in stone in regards to departure times because of hotel reservations or anything. Which eliminates tons of stress!

Your probably thinking "Don't you guys go to California all the time? Big deal. Why don't you go somewhere different?". We definitely thought about changing it up a bit for this vacation but you know what we freaking love our friends! Living in arizona, we often miss a lot of little things like catching a movie with everyone, grabbing a cup of coffee or (for me) shopping with a friend. We really love when we have time to visit and just simply hang out with no obligations (like a wedding or funeral). And besides, who would not want to hang out with these people:


I thought that I would get it together before this trip and have something prepared for the blog so it was not left silent, but who am I trying to kid, it didn't happen. So I am going to try and pop in every now and then but if I don't get around to it-owell. See ya in ten days!


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