Thursday, December 8, 2011

Right now I am sitting at the airport waiting for my delayed flight to L.A. to take off. Yeah I am off to L.A. again. But this time I am leaving the mister at home. A month or so ago, flights were super cheap so I booked a flight for a girls weekend! Don't worry about TK. My brother in law Ryan is headed to AZ tomorrow night to keep him company. How cute right?

Here are a few random thoughts I will share with you all while I kill time:

-The airport has free Internet now. Win!

-I almost got ran off the road by a United States Postal Service diesel truck on my way home from work. UPS all the way for me now!

- On that same drive home I witnessed an RV pulling a trailer with two dead horses on it. DEAD HORSES!! I freaked out and started yelling in my car. Guys, the horses were just laying on the trailer all exposed. Is that even legal?

-My fingers are freezing.

-I am unsure if I packed a toothbrush.

and that is the extent of what is on my mind right now. Of course other than I can't wait to get to L.A. so I can do more of this:

Don't be jeal.
Wait, I think I hear a plane... bye!


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