Monday, January 16, 2012

Since starting school my time with Tim has been limited. Three days a week I am at school for ten hours. He leaves the house every morning before 6am and by the time I get home close to 9 I am exhausted. We say hello, eat dinner and shortly after head to bed. I have been craving some real quality time with my guy for a couple weeks now, and thankfully there was a whole bunch of that on the schedule for this weekend.
Friday, we got a bit gussied up and headed out for sushi. It was great to enjoy a couple hours and a great meal with TK. We debated a movie but decided to keep it casual, came home, caught up on the last episode of Bones (which was amazing by the way!) and just hung out.
Saturday we slept in, Tim made us a great, fresh lunch and we took our time getting out the door. We ended up spending lots of hours sitting side by side at the toyota dealership while we traded in our car. Not the best date but at least we were together!
And Sunday we just lounged around with some football on the TV and had an easy dinner at home.

my handsome dinner date

This is just the refresher we needed. Oh, and there might have been some kisses mixed in there too ;)


Emmy Kim said...

Um, new car? WTF? This requires an announcement... at least on Twitter!

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