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Monday, January 23, 2012

A couple weeks ago, our friend Anthony phoned us and let us know that he, along with a couple friends, would be coming to Arizona for a U.S.A. vs. Venezuela soccer game. Tim was pretty excited about this, since over the last few years he has really gotten into soccer and because we love having house guests! I deemed myself weekend chauffer, so these guys could have as much fun as they wanted without limitations. And I am pretty sure they did.




This was my first professional soccer game and I learned the following:

1. No matter what kind of football you are watching, the fans are crazy

2. Soccer is not for sissies and is way more intense and rough than I thought it would be

3. If you have beer and a soccer ball in the parking lot, you will probably make friends with strangers fast

4. Everything is better when you are enjoying it with awesome people

Thanks for a great weekend guys! Oh yeah, and we won...


Kara said...

Drunk boys are the funniest!! I sorta love dd'ing for them, haha. I love that last pic of Tim, he looks so gangster!

LO FI LOVE said...

nice! Best time I had at a sporting event was at a Korea vs. Mexico soccer game while in college. Our apartment was split 2 koreans and 2 mexicans so things got crazy! :) glad you had fun!

mandyface said...

When I went to England, we watched a soccer (futbol) game in a pub and I thought I was going to get stampeded or thrown through a window more than once! Lol boys get cray cray over that stuff!

Emmy Kim said...

TK needs to pull up his daaaaang pants!

Emmy Kim said...

FYI my captcha for posting ^ was "parti." Nice.

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