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Monday, February 6, 2012

Sometimes it is hard for me to say No. Specifically in regards to making plans with other people. If we are invited somewhere, or there is a fun event going on, I try and work my schedule any way that I can, including sacrificing sleep and food, to be apart of it. Just a couple months ago, I was basically on my death bed, not able to stand up without getting dizzy kind of sick, and was still planning on going out so that I did not have to call off the plans we made earlier in the week. Thankfully my friends are aware of my craziness and this stand up couple basically refused to hang out and forced me to stay in bed.

Since starting school I have reached a whole new height of exhaustion and an equally unfamiliar level of busy. I am a night owl by nature but these days by 10pm I am crawling to my bed. The other night I crashed on the couch and I woke up so disoriented I looked at Tim and asked him who he was! (If you want to freak your husband out, wake up from a dead sleep and say the following "Who are you? Where am I?" and then go back to sleep)

Yesterday I had basically reached my limit. We had plans to attend a superbowl party and I realized that I was kind of dreading it when the time to get ready rolled around. Not at all because of who would be attending (i love you all!) but mostly because the idea of having to put real clothes on, brush my hair and stay awake for the next several hours made me feel sick. I was just simply tired. So as much as it killed me, I decided to pass on the party and stay home. I don't even like football and when I weighed things out, I knew it was an occasion that I could skip and not feel regretful about. So I spent the day sitting on my couch, cuddled up with a blanket and my pups, watching One Tree Hill from the 1st season. (don't judge fools)

Maybe I am becoming more of an adult, but a constant theme for me these days is learning to listen to myself, and yes I am aware of how cheesy that sounds. I have realized that I have specific goals I am trying to achieve right now and in order to attain them I have to relate them to all areas of my life. And sometimes that might mean sacrifice, and other times it might just mean I need to take a nap.

P.S. I just wanted to say that I have been a faithful OTH fan from the beginning and the first time around it was Lucas all day but now that I am older and wiser, Nathan is my man!

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mandyface said...

We're adults now. And that means staying at home and sleeping is the most exciting thing imaginable. We are awesome.

sal said...

I know WHO can cure this ailment of yours. <--see what I did there?

TK said...

sal... I didnt see what you did there

TK said...

Ok i got it now.. Very clever MR G --- to the TARDIS!

Kara said...

Oh man, I am super super terrible at relaxing. Like, awful. I always overextend myself and sign up for too many things! It's a really good idea to take care of yourself and not feel sorry about it - that's how you'll avoid getting sick (again) and be a better friend cause you'll be healthy!

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