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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Just a few people, places and things that made my 25th birthday something special (mostly the people)



We took a roadtrip to LA (surprised right?) and just spent some good ol' quality time with my favorite people in the world. Pretty much the best birthday present I could ask for.

Now I am 25 and I feel old.


julie @ the semi-reformed nerd said...

Happy birthday! And I'm going to need to get my hands of some of that cake... yum. :D

Michelle said...

I completely understand that "old" feeling. *cringe* Why must the years go by so fast?? They weren't kidding when they said time flies after you turn 21.

Happy birthday!!!

Kira said...

25 feels like a milestone, in old-ness, doesn't it? I turned 25 in January, it still feels weird answering the "How old are you?" question!

Emmy Kim said...

At this point I can't remember my age... I think... Oh, I am 23, I mean 27, crap 26! I am 26! *sigh*
Miss you and your blog!

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