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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Even though my days at school are long and tiring, on my days off it is still all I want to do. So I gave a couple cuts this weekend to some very special clients. You are all familiar with this handsome face. Boy just had too much hair on his head for this summer heat so we decided to take it pretty short. photo4-1-1 photo3-1

Next up is my beautiful little Grandma. I would cut her hair everyday just to hear her say "Oh Nanita, you made me look beautiful!"
photo2 photo1-1

Im really having so much fun learning this skill and I am thankful my family lets me "experiment" on them. Even if sometimes they end up looking like this... photo


LO FI LOVE said...

nice work! :) come to california and make me look pretty!!

Kara said...

I luuuuurve your haircut photos!! You are one talented lady! Your husband looks SMOOF.

Jennifer Young said...

Hi Bri! Thanks for your sweet comment on the photos by Ben. :)
How have you been? I've been enjoying your IG feed. I need to come get my hair did by you!!!

Have a relaxing weekend!

Jennifer Young said...

...wait a sec. This whole time I thought you lived in CA. Where do you live again?!

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