The Great Debate: Churros

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

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The other day TK was trying to convince me I need a trip to Costco in my life. I know some of you might think this is crazy talk but I honestly could never go to Costco again and I would die happy. I guess large packages of toilet paper and 12 pound jars of beans just aren't my thing. Tim proceeded to try and bribe me with the idea of a churro and it started quite the debate between us... Where can you find the best Churro?

TK's Pick: Redondo Beach Pier
Tim claims you can find the best churro at a tiny hole in the wall place on the old pier. He likes it because its simple but delicious with "no frills"

BK's Pick: Disneyland...of course!
Granted your in the happiest place on earth and that might make your taste buds tingle just a bit more, Disneyland hands down has the best churro. Always warm, soft with just enough crisp and sprinkled with a perfect amount of sugar.

Maybe we take churros a bit too serious but its not like your average mall pretzel. Its a treat that is a little hard to come by. Sooo where have you had an awesome churro? Let's go grab one together.

P.S. I know I blog on average once a month now and I am not ashamed this month I chose to blog about churros

Also, to all you single ladies... these are the kind of things married people talk about. Get excited.


Emmy Kim said...

I have a bone to pick with you on this post... And it is about this so-called "average mall pretzel." first of all, pretzels are different at every losction. Costco's pretzels suck, Wetzel's are fantastic! Annie's are okay and gas stations, well, we won't even go there. Anyway, please think twice before reefer to something as "average" when often, they are above.

Emmy Kim said...

Omg! I just re read this! Haha! I was typing on my iPad and didn't notice as the auto changes!

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