Let your hair down...or not

Monday, July 2, 2012

Thursday marked  my last day of school for a whole week! I know one week may not seem like a decent break but when you go to school 30 hours a week in 3 days, you will take what you can get.
(Although, I already miss all my lovely cosmetology friends!)
Even though I am on break, I did more hair then ever this weekend!
Friday I worked on a photoshoot/project for school with my partners Sully and Katie. I am really excited with how it turned out and I can't wait to share it here, but for now here is just a little sneak peak:

Tim had been bugging me for awhile now about a haircut so on Saturday morning I woke up and said "It's now or never!" and he jumped in the chair and put a cape on. Then he ended up looking like this:

J/K guys, he is still as handsome as ever. And let me tell you, this man has a ton of hair. I might start cutting it off in his sleep and selling it.

After I swept and showered off of me the enormous amounts of Korean hair that was left over, Kara came over for a little fun color! We added a few highlights underneath for, as she referred to it, "a little blonde surprise". I think it came out super cute! Perfect sun kissed hair.
Oh, and then I stole this picture from her instagram. And although not documented, Emily was there too and she ate Wendy's while we did hair.

Gosh, we are so good looking. 

Sunday I did no ones hair but my own. Although, I begged my mom to let me chop hers off. I swear, I am gonna buy that lady a bottle of wine, get her nice and liquored up, and that haircut is going to happen.

Now I am really on a break. As we speak my Dani and my cousin Kienan are driving to arizona and I am so so excited! They will be hear till Thursday and then my longtime annoyance/bff Jerame flies in Friday, and then Wednesday we head to California for Comic-Con! Okay maybe there is no real break in there but Im looking forward to it none the less.

Happy Monday!


Emmy Kim said...

You've outed me!

Kara said...

I love love love how my hair turned out!! Thank you so much! Next time I'mma take Tim up on his Sonic offer for a .50 corn dog hahaha

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