Timmy Without A Tooth...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A couple weeks ago we decided to take a trip to California and on the day we intended to leave I received a call from TK while I was at work, that went a little something like this:
"Oh the pain! The excruciating pain! I cannot drive to LA, please Bri take me to the dentist before I die!" So in an effort to win Wife of the Year, I took him to the dentist. Apparently TK's wisdom teeth are not all that wise (I had to ) and decided to grow in sideways and bully his molars.
Here is a visual:

So we got the diagnosis- teeth must be pulled- and a little Vicodin and went on our way.

Yesterday was thee day for the pulling. I have to tell you, Tim was not too excited about this particular event. You may recall I had my own extraction experience at the end of last year, and Tim was pretty anxious just while sitting in the room with me. In addition to the typical dental jitters, he was also a little unsettled about the idea of being put under. He confessed his fear to me in a very sincere tone...
"Bri, I am afraid of pooping while I am under anesthesia". I assured him that would not happen, but secretly hoped for a good story to tell the grandkids.

Check out this adorable patient pre-op:

With butterflies in his stomach, he pulled up his big boy pants and headed into surgery. Forty five minutes later, I was taken to the back room to meet my loopy husband who probably said more words in a 60 second period then he has ever in the 8 years I have known him. Including his disappointment in not having a trippy dream while on the drugs.

Look at those bad boys, those are some serious teeth! We may turn them into a necklace as a display for our love for each other, you know Angelina and Billy style. JK guys. But seriously, what are you supposed to do with your extracted teeth? We are open for suggestions.

All in all he handled it like a champ and I am proud of my guy. He hasn't complained of pain once and  his only request has been ice cream. Which is what he requests pretty much everyday.
Just so you know, I obliged. Please submit my name for nomination.


Kara said...

I squirmed throughout this entire post but as usual it was hilarious....so glad he made it out alive without pooping his pants!! Ryan disappointingly didn't say ANYTHING hilarious when he had his out in March. Also, they gave Tim his teeth!? Ryan didn't get to keep his...WE'VE BEEN JIPPED

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