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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I have this friend. His name is Jerame. I hardly remember a time when we were not friends. Which means I hardly remember a time he was not driving me crazy. I am almost certain there is a tumor like substance growing in my brain and I am almost positive he is the cause of it. We have basically been to hell and back with each other and we also may have tried to kill each other a couple times. The thing is though, I love him to death (which might happen for him soon), he is my best friend in every sense of the word and life just would not be as exciting (or fun) without him.

Now then there is my friend Sasha. If you don't believe in soul mates, you should hang out with us for a couple hours. You will change your mind, because I don't know anyone who understands my soul better than she does. She laughs at her own jokes, often squeals in excitement over dead rock legend memorabilia, quotes literature and song lyrics like its a symptom of tourettes, and is highly skilled in the art of sending postcards. She  is a huge part of my heart.

Now put the three of us together and we create this weird, amazing, dysfunctional, triangle of friendship superpower. I mean, I might be on the inside, but I would imagine its probably pretty amazing to see. Possibly, annoying, but mostly amazing.
The thing is the three of us never get to hang out.
I can't escape Jerame's 2 am drunk dials, but Sasha and I hardly even get a phone conversation in these days, let alone a hang out sesh.

We remedied that this weekend when Sash and I flew to San Francisco to visit Jer and as soon as we arrived that weird, amazing, dysfunctional, triangle of friendship superpower was in full effect.

This weekend was perfect. I am pretty sure that part of our super power is that when we are together we suck the friendships our of other people for power or something and that's why this can't happen as often as we would like. It's not fair to the rest of world who want friends too.
 It didn't really matter what we did, all that mattered was that we were doing it together. I know that might sound cheesy, but we've been long distancing it for a while now and sometimes that makes just having lunch together seem like something quite special. To be honest, with these two, it really is.

My heart is so full and I am so blessed.

P.S. This is the soundtrack I made for this weekend. If you don't love it, you probably don't love life.


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