A year down...

Monday, February 23, 2009

A lifetime to look forward to.
Today is our first anniversary. I can't believe that it has been one year already.
Sometimes it feels like it has been longer and sometimes it does not seem like it has been taht long at all but all I can say is I am even more in love with my lovely husband today than the day I married him.

This weekend we traveled to tuscon to stay at a little b&b. Even though tuscon is only about an hour and a half away we have never really explored around there. The b&b was amazing! It was a gorgeous house with amazing antique furniture. I wanted to steal practically everything. It just had such a romantic feel and the owners were super super nice. They provided you with such great service and unlike hotels that charge you for everything they had wine, and drinks of all sort and candies and cookies for you to take as you wish.

We arrived around five on Saturday and then walked around town and visited the little shops they have. We had sushi for dinner and then went down the street to this really neat early 1900 cafe and had amazing dessert.

Than we just called it a night and relaxed in the amazingly adorable room.

It was soo nice just to get away for the night and just get a change in scenery.

We left shortly after the amazing breakfast was served. It was the best breakfast I have ever had.

We made it home about 11:30, relaxed at my mom's house for a bit and then took the girls to the Japanese festival with gma.
It was super crowded and there were tons of white kids dressed as anime characters and hardly any japanese. i swear... arizona.

Overall the weekend was amazing. I am so glad we decided to do something special to always be able to remember our first anniversary.

I tell you... that Mr. Kim is one special guy.

(pictures later)


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