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Sunday, April 5, 2009

I always start blogs to give myself an outlet and never use them and get stressed.
I am terrible sometimes.
and there has definitely been some stress.

So since my last writing let's see what has happened:

1.I turned a year older. 22 now. no more exciting birthday or gaining any "privileges" any longer ( well unless you count being able to rent a car with no extra charges a privilege... and you know what i kind of do)
TK scored major points on the birthday this year.
He bought me an adorable vintage typewriter that i have been wanting for quite some time now. Framed one of our favorite pictures for me and filled a photo album almost completely of fond memories.

2. I cam down with a nasty sinus infection that has taken almost a month for me to fully recover from. damn those allergies.

3. Our wonderful friends came to visit. We enjoyed a weekend with sasha, jer, eric sal and my brother. It was great to have them here and show off our adorable townhouse that we love so much. I only wish it could have lasted more than a couple nights.

4. Currently we are housing an old friend of TK's. They are old childhood friends and its quite adorable to watch them share memory after memory of their boyhood adventures with each other. I really don't even mind the excessive amount of video game playing.

5. But truly the biggest event to take place in my life since my last post... i fell in love. His name is sal and he is adorable and lovely and full of fluff and all mine.

P.S. Debbie and Ryan are arriving in phx on Thursday night and i just cant wait. I miss my sister in law a ton.

P.S.S. i need to start creating all the creative things going through my mind soon before i explode.

My boys


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