Is it Friday yet? oh yeah and WtW 6...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I am participating in the Home Ec live chat happening right now (!), so I thought while I wait for some questions to be answered I would update this here blog of mine. Speaking of Home Ec...Rachel, Courtney, and Leigh-Ann are sewing geniuses and wonderful teachers... I on the other hand flat out STINK!
I have yet to move past the first project. I just cannot seem to get my machine to work right, or I don't work right is more like it. Why is my grandma out of town for so long? Get home grandma and teach me to sew!

In other news... we are going to California this weekend (yes, again.) but this time we are bringing Brittany (brothers wonderfully sweet and pretty gf) and Liela (the most adorable baby on the planet, not just cause she is my niece) back with us for a 10 day stay!! We are beyond excited to have some time to visit with those two. Unfortunately for me, school starts that same week but I have scheduled some time off to make sure I get plenty of baby squeezing in :)
I realized today I never wrote my "Watching the Weight -Week 6" post...
Weight Loss: 1 pound... as usual
Slow and steady wins the race?
"Oh what is that I hear TK, you have agreed to clean the whole house right now?"
fine... i will be right there.

For your viewing pleasure:
* sometimes my mother in law likes to pass her husbands clothes down to TK. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it ends up like this.


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