I have not blogged because...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A. During a night walk around the neighborhood, a rabid dog presented himself as an enemy to Sal and Murphy. My motherly instincts immediately kicked in and in the process of whooping some d.o.g. ass my fingers were chomped off making it nearly impossible to type. Due to advances in medicine and technology I have gained access to robotic finger prosthetics, once again providing me with the ability to express myself through web logs.

B. TK was tipped off that I often post embarrassing pictures of him on my blog and in a rage of anger glued mittens to my hands. Although this did not entirely prevent me from posting, it caused more typos than I could feel good about leaving on a single post. My standards are low but there is a line. TK then saw how hard it was for me to not be able to post properly, or scratch for that matter, and removed my punishment hand cloths and gave permission to post any picture of him I please. or something like that.

C. I wanted to experience the feeling of sacrifice during lent first hand.

D. I am lazy

Each person with the correct answer will win a prize which will be determined at a later time.

But will most likely be a picture of Sal and Murphy.



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