My weekend in an instant...

Monday, March 28, 2011

This weekend was a good mix of eventful and lazy. Friday I was pretty beat from the show the night before. Sad, I know. We went to the mall because I thought I wanted to shop, but I was wrong and Tim was happy. We ended up at home pretty early and watched Bones all night. We are obsessed with Bones. Photobucket 2.&3.PHX 4.Mercantile

Saturday was the Az Blogger Meet Up. I was a bit nervous to go since I did not really know anyone and I was glad to have Emily by my side for the day events. It turned out really well and I really enjoyed exploring downtown phoenix, vintage shopping and meeting a lot of great blogger girls. The dinner at La Bocca was a lot of fun and I won a 25.00 gift card to GrowOp. Score! Photobucket 5.frances 6.debbie wallet via mercantile 7.liela dress via buttertoast 8.pillowcase via growop

Sunday was a lazy day. I suppose I was super beat from all the great events on Saturday that I got out of bed, laid on the couch and went back to sleep. Tim, being the good husband he is, cleaned the backyard so it would be ready for the baby shower we are having this weekend. I intended to help him but bribed him with video games and trips to Costco if he would let me off the hook. I have no shame. We ended the weekend with a dinner date and a trip to the movies to watch Suckerpunch (What did I think of it... I fully agree with this *great review sal!)
9.pup tug o war 10.spike 11.pup knock out 12. date night

Then we came home and watched Bones.


Katherine said...


It was SO nice to meet you as well...I hope you had a great rest of your weekend! As you probably saw, I spent most of mine at US Airways at the Bounce with the Suns event...woohoo:)

Let's definitely keep in touch!

❤ Katherine

The Divine Miss Em said...

Bri- Your bangs look AWESOME in the last picture...

Katy said...

Hi Bri! I saw you too! Funny we didn't actually meet though...there were so many girls there! Let's keep in touch! :)

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