My weekend in an Instant...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I was in a bit of a funk all weekend with a fever on and off so I did not do a whole lot. I don't know what is going on but I wish it would all just come out and be done with or leave all together! For now I am over consuming vitamin C :)

Friday I came home from work, feeling yucky, super hungry and super tired.
I was craving a ton of different things. Whenever I am super hungry I want just a little bit of all sorts of stuff. I told Tim I wanted Pita and Hummus, Mozarella, Sushi and Chik-fil-a. I fell asleep and woke up to this:
That man- I tell ya.

Saturday morning TK took the pups for haircuts and then came home and mowed the backyard lawn. He worked so hard and then took a long deserved nap. I was bored with a sleeping husband and no pups to play with so I read a little, curled my hair, did my nails and watched a little of Before Sunrise.

The pups came home with their new do's.

We grabbed a slice and did a bit of mothers day shopping. Later we headed to Emily and Pats and had a great time hanging by the pool.

Sunday, I still felt pretty crummy so I slept in way late. After I finally got out of bed, I made lemon bars for my mom. It was my first time making and they came out pretty good.

My dad made a delicious dinner and we celebrated my wonderful mom. I bough her a vintage leather tooled purse and she loved it!

We came home and watched Catfish-super weird-then headed to bed.
Weekends come and go way to fast...till the next one!


Kara said...

Cuuuuute post! I love your nails, I REALLY want to read that book, I'm super amazed and jealous that your husband brought you that delicious meal, and I'd seriously kill for a piece of pizza right now. That was my entire stream of consciousness while reading this post, lol

brianna kim said...

haha this comment really made me laugh! you are welcome to borrow bossypants and pizza does sound pretty amazing!

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