My weekend in an instant...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

After a very looooong week of work and staying late every night I was happy to get out of the office on time Friday, starting the weekend off right!
Emily and I decided to do a little shopping before heading home and stopped at Anthro and H&M. Both successful stops for me!
We picked up our men and headed to 3rd Friday in downtown PHX. A bit of a bore so we left and ended up at Teakwoods on our side of town. I had never been there and I thought it was pretty cool and very delicious. Especially the soy-garlic-ginger-or-something-like-that edamame. A must try if you visit!


Saturday I woke up with crazy hair, like this:


But then I took a shower and let my hair air dry for a change and ended up with a nice natural wave, like this:


This wave might not seem like a big deal but it is actually sorta hard for me to get my hair to do this. I owe this all to my new hairstylist. His name is Brody. He is nice. Hit him up here.

Most of Saturday we spent at the Mesa Arts Center taking engagement photos for Emily and Pat. I mentioned it before, but I really loved working with Tim on something creative. We had a blast!


I actually do not remember what we did Saturday night so it was probably pretty boring.

Sunday we had a sick pup on our hands. He had been leaving us presents of poop and vomit all over the house throughout the weekend. We had already lost a little rug and a blanket from his generous offerings, so we stayed home pretty much all day to keep an eye on him. We ate popcorn and watched Bones.


Later that night we finally left the house for dinner and when we came home Tim made me brownies to satisfy my once-a-month- chocolate craving. He is pretty much a stud. We ate them while watching Bones. of course.


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