Friday, June 24, 2011


Do you see that up there? Summer has definitely arrived. We can feel it and we can smell it. That's right it smells hot. For the next few months we can expect burned fingers from the steering wheel, bangs sticking to your forehead and unfortunate back of the knee sweat.Well, actually, sweat everywhere. Is this TMI? No people, this is Arizona. Please help us. The heat turns me into a monster but the only thing I typically attack is my husband. God bless him. I think I will be parked in my parents pool for most of this weekend, but when that starts to feel like I am just taking a bath outside, you can find me sitting in front of my fan.

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

I should be attempting this for Fourth of July right? Via

On the subject of sweets, this sort of cake flavor combo is straight from my dreams-btw this girl is awesome! I want to make everything I see here.

I LOVE this map and then I realized I sorta love everything over at the THESE ARE THINGS SHOP, like this and this

Emily always has the cutest nails! I want to try this

This is sad and gets you thinking, Via

Did you know that I hate my couch? I am dying for this one... so cute and my fave color!

Sal from CROMEYELLOW is going crazy at LA Film Fest! Check it out here and here and here and more to come!

This is so stinkin cute! Via my cousin Keelie's Facebook.

Have a great weekend!


amyschmamey said...

I love your link posts. They are great. DUDE! 113... blech. NO thank you. YUCKY. However, I think I'll take the dry heat of the west over the humid heat of the mid west. Thankfully it hasn't been overly hot the past week 1/2 here. This is why I despise summer and LOVE fall. :) Fall is my favorite. :)

rosieposie said...

aw such wonderful things for sharing!!! love this post xx

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