Thursday, June 23, 2011

It seems like all my posts this week are in reference to last weekend, but you know what the weekend really was that good. Besides, it's my blog so I do whadda I want. Last time we went to California I only got to spend a couple hours with my sister in law which was lame so this time around I was super excited to hang with her because I super missed her. You might already know a few things about her from previous posts like her name is Debbie and she loves cats, but there is just a whole lot more you oughta know. Here are a few things I especially love about Debs:

-She is super funny (Note: especially while tipsy)

-She is probably the most stylish person I know and inspires me to branch out

-She is fully committed to her celebrity crushes. Example:


-She never turns down an opportunity to dance or play ping pong. Which personally, I think says a lot about a person

-She is serious about food. No "lady salads" to try and be cute (Note: She also dances when something taste really good)

-She is always willing to take pictures with me and has mad facial skills. Example:

-She is pretty much the ultimate Ride or Die girl. You know the kind you want in your corner when some B gets an attitude at the club or in the bathroom with you when your dress gets stuck in your nylons

-She lets me borrow her deodorant when I forget mine and I think that is love

So I am sure you totally understand why I would dedicate an entire post to her. She is awesome <3 Go Debbie!

P.S. My brother-in-law, Ryan, told me that if I posted hot pictures of him I would gain more followers. This is the best I could come up with. I will let you be the judge on hotness.


rosieposie said...

aw debbie sounds like such fun! i love my sister in law too :-)

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