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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today we have Emily from DIY-EMI talking about her home state of Idaho. I have the pleasure of seeing Emily pretty much everyday because we are not only friends we are co-workers! I am already having Emily withdrawals so I am excited to share this post with you! Plus, I never knew Idaho could have so much to do! Take it away Em!

Emmy here from D|i|YEM|i| When Bri asked me to do a guest post on Idaho I was thrilled. So few people know how awesome Idaho truly is. Although I was not born in Idaho, I am an Idaho native through and through. My parents, my brothers and my sister were born there, and it was just happenstance that I was born in Colorado and lived my first two years there. But, because I cannot remember life in CO at all, I have decided I am an ID native.
There are so many great things about Idaho, and it took me leaving to realize it. I currently reside in Arizona and I find myself missing things that I took for granted on a daily basis.

Photo courtesy of Deseree Garcia

There is a scent by the Boise River in the spring that signifies the winter is finally over and sunny days are on their way. Things are blooming and I could never quite pin point the exact blossom, perhaps it is an amalgamation of all things spring. As soon as this happens, the Boise greenbelt is packed with people running, riding their bikes, pushing strollers and wearing tank tops in 50 degree weather. The geese are teaching their young the ways of the world and the blond little goslings are curious and very well protected by their mums. In 2006 I had an apartment that overlooked the greenbelt and Boise River. Although it was only 600 square feet, it was one of my favorite places to live. To be able to see Boise come to life in the matter of days was astounding.

Another of my favorite things in ID is the dining experience. It is so much more than potatoes in the Gem State. Many of the breakfast joints throughout the state have been featured in magazines, and on television shows. My favorite (like many people) is Goldy’s. Bon Appetite Magazine featured Goldy’s as “One of America’s Top Ten Breakfasts.”


You can tell the people of Boise feel this way too. I have often found myself waiting for over an hour for a seat and EVERY time it has been worth it. Tip: Go on a week day, your wait time will decrease substantially. But, if you decide to make the trip, you have complimentary Dawson Taylor coffee at your fingertips until you are seated. (If you have read my blog, you will know how much I love Dawson Taylor coffee) They also take your mobile number should you want to mosey around Downtown Boise until your table is ready.


Chacos are another thing I love about ID (pictured above, my sister on the left me on the right)… well, Idahoan style. Here in AZ, we don’t go to Scottsdale Fashion Square with out looking like a million bucks, but in Idaho you can wear your Chacos, holey jeans, and North Face jacket and no one would look down their nose at you. In fact, you would be considered awesome. Here in AZ I am scoffed *cough Bri* *cough TK* at for wearing my Chacos, and shamefully I haven’t had my beloved Chaco tan for many many years. I wore my Chacos everywhere, shopping, working and especially camping, and singing as it turns out.


This could also be because I haven’t gone rafting in several years either. My parents are currently rafting on the Salmon River Middle fork. They aren’t slumming it either! They have gourmet dinners by the camp fire and guides to do the heavy lifting. I am jealous. Period.


The list could go on about the things I love in ID, the fall, bundling up for college football games, the first snow, white Christmases, gardening in backyards, cool nights in the summer, drive-in movie theaters, my parents, Shoshone Falls, the Snake River Canyon, but let me stop there because the more I write about Idaho, and all the things I love, the more homesick I get and I think Bri would be upset if I move back to Idaho before she moves back to L.A.


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