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Friday, July 22, 2011

Today, I am excited to have Kara from Sunshine Cupcakes! I also met Kara at the AZ Blogger meet up and she has since become one of my fave blogs and daily reads! Since I had a couple girls who are now living in AZ talk about their hometown, I thought we should have someone who is a native of AZ tell us what is so great about living in this hot state! (because honestly, when it is 115 outside, it gets hard to remember!) Make sure you check out Kara's blog and be prepared to want to come visit AZ after reading this! Thanks again Kara!

Hi, guys! I'm Kara. Bri asked me to write a lil somethin' somethin' about my great love for my very hot home state, Arizona, while she's out on vacation. So sit back, grab a beer and a pool floaty and let's chat!

24 years ago, my parents brought a very chubby, happy baby home from the hospital to their single family dwelling in Phoenix. That person became a less chubby, happy adult who has since (thank God) moved out and started her own life. I live in Downtown Phoenix with my handsome fiance, Ryan, and our dog Eva. Here are just a few of the things we LOVE about Arizona.

1) Scenic, beautiful, cooler places are 2 hours or less by car from the city. While we do live in the Valley of the Sun, you can hop in a car and be in the cool pines of Flagstaff within 2 hours. Scenic Jerome and Sedona are close by as well. Bisbee, Tubac, Sierra Vista, and Prescott are close enough to enjoy on a day trip. The Southwest boasts SO much history. If you have a thirst for knowledge and adventure, you could spend every weekend exploring the state and find something new every time! It's so big!!

Hi, bestie!

Hi, fiance!

2) We've got the city AND the suburbs. Wanna live in a hip, urban environment where the local art scene is thriving? Come live downtown, with us! Wanna be in a posh neighborhood on your own acre with horses? Head towards central Phoenix or Glendale. Wanna have a great family-friendly community with wholesome parks and agriculture? Go to Gilbert. There's truly a neighborhood for everyone's needs here.

3) Our winters rule. Ok, so we had a 118 degree day last week. But in the winter, Arizonans enjoy temps in the 60s and 70s with more sunshine than you can possibly handle. And it's hardly ever humid!

Springtime in Phoenix

Winter in Indiana

4) We're on a grid system. Having spent time in Washington and Oregon, I now know that an easy-to-navigate road system is not something everyone gets to enjoy! We've got streets, we've got avenues, and we've got highways. Not a lot of complicated business going on there. 

5) We have the BEST community of local artists, musicians, small business owners and photographers! I run out of fingers when counting on my hands all the local friends I have who are following their passions to make a living. 

One of our engagement photos. Shot by Efrain Robles in downtown Phoenix.

One of many locally owned boutiques!

Those are just a few things I love about my home state. Visit me at Sunshine Cupcakes! and tell me what you love about your home state (extra points if it's Arizona!).

Thanks for having me, Bri!! <3


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