My weekend in an instant...

Monday, August 1, 2011

At some point this weekend I picked up this icky feeling and I am afraid it has yet to leave me. Most likely due to allergies, as always. With that being said, I did not do a whole lot. Friday, I came home late from work, had left over pizza and corn for dinner, watched a couple episodes of Fringe and went to bed. (BTW-Season 3? OMG.WTF.OMG)
Saturday, I did not get dressed. I just didn't. While Tim took my car for an oil change (Thanks TK!) I laid around with the pups and watched Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.
Sigh...Paul Newman
Later that night my sister, Kalea, came over and we played around with some make up and made brownies, then watched Source Code with Tim.
Sunday, I woke up at 1pm and immediately ate a brownie and justified it with that fact that I felt terrible. I had made plans to go shopping with my sister Olivia, but since I wasn't feeling up to it we opted to watch Captain America with my dad and Kalea.
Afterwards, we had Enchiladas at my Mom's. They definitely taste as good as they look!
We came home and watched more Fringe...and that was my weekend. It was probably a good thing that I took it easy this week because I feel pretty crappy today so I probably would have felt worse. Sometimes a nice lazy weekend is just what you need! Today was our deadline for a big project so I am looking forward to hopefully working normal hours for awhile. Happy Monday!


sal said...

captain america is awesome right?

LO FI LOVE said...

Hope you're feeling better! Lazy weekends are the best, by the way!

bri kim said...

Sal-YES! Loved it! Peggy is so cute right?

Cinthya- I continued my lazy weekend by not going to work today!haha, feeling much better thanks!

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