Friday, September 16, 2011

Here is my hot lunch date:

This weekend is off to a great start because I got to have lunch with TK this afternoon. Occasionally, Tim has some business to tend to out by my office so whenever he is in the area we grab lunch together. It's funny how you can see someone everyday, but when you get to see that person at a time you normally don't get to (the middle of the day) it is exciting! haha. Tonight we are going to grab a drink with an old friend after work, and other than that we don't really have any solid plans for the weekend. Probably do a little bit of cleaning (like wipe down the counter tops) and get my eyebrows done, because that is way over due (I apologize if you have seen my face this week), and hopefully spend some time with family that is in from California. But first...

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

- So I am way excited Cromeyellow chose Sofia Coppola for their first ever Director Series! Make sure you check back throughout the month!

-This is not helping my desire to want to re-paint my walls white.

-I just stumbled upon this blog the other day and I am loving it! Especially their ideas on how to display Polaroids!

-These ball point pen paintings are pretty rad.

-I am in LOVE with Danni’s new store Reverie Market. Congrats Danni it is gorgeous!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Kara said...

I luuuurve having lunch dates with my man! There's something cute about getting together all dressed fancy for work...I sorta feel like we're dating all over again :)

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