Friday, October 28, 2011

Guys, I am really thankful it is Friday. I was not sure it was actually coming this week but it did, it really did! And even better, I have Monday off!
We have a semi busy weekend in front of us. Gotta help my little sisters finish up their costumes, my dad’s birthday is on Saturday and that night Tim and I are going to the Minus the Bear 10th anniversary show for their album Highly Refined Pirates! We both really love this band and we have some sentiment attached to their music soo ya know, it is sorta special for us. Seriously, these days I really have to weigh out how bad I want to see a band if it means I have to stand up all night, so this is sorta a big deal.

For a second there, I thought I would have no Halloween related plans but CromeYellow just posted a list of 11 Awesome Movies to Watch for Halloween!
There is no one’s opinion I trust greater than Sal from CY on horror movies, so if you have no plans this weekend, read this list and make it a movie marathon! Last year we had about 4 trick or treaters in total (2 happened to be my sisters) so TK and I are seriously considering turning off the lights, leaving a bowl of candy outside and just watching movies all night. Does that make us old and grumpy?
Oh well! Happy Halloween ya’ll!


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