Friday, November 11, 2011

Full disclosure here guys... Since last Friday, I have not worn makeup, contacts, or my hair in any way other than a messy bun. I also have not done my laundry for two weeks and I just scarfed down a brownie. Sorry Tim. I won't put up a fight when you bring home the divorce papers. (Yeah right guys, he loves me! He says my glasses and messy hair are cute. Stand up guy I tell ya)
Anyways, I am saying all this to get to a point. That point is....that I feel really bored and gross so I want to do something fun this weekend. Tomorrow our day is filled with things like oil changes, puppy haircuts and human haircuts and hopefully a little christmas shopping. Maybe tonight I will go home and shower (to clarify, I have been showering regularly) get gussied up and head out for a night with my man. Or maybe we will stay home and watch Fringe, because our dogs really love Fringe.


Here are some links I enjoyed this week:
-I am really enjoying this new to me blog and especially this post

-I love the re-design of The Veda House blog. Cassie is so talented!

-Everybody needs a classy piece to track time on right? I think this one is perfect

-I really want to watch this movie tonight. I am thinking I will cry -Via Cromeyellow

-This post is such a good reminder

and a question...
I think I want to make a pie. Anyone have a recipe to share?

Have a nice weekend!


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