Thoughts on the morning...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


1. I have to set a pre alarm to prepare myself for my real alarm which I still snooze at least twice.

2. I am a master at convincing myself that I am "too clean" to take a shower and that my forehead isn't too big just to throw my hair up in a top knot so I can sleep for an extra twenty minutes.
(Note: My coworkers know if my hair is in a top knot with bangs pinned back, I did not shower that morning. Don't worry, I wear perfume)

3. I cannot count how often the first thing I see in the morning is a puppy butt.

Basically, I love sleep. What is your morning routine?

P.S. My blog is lame right busy :(


LO FI LOVE said...

so you totally just described my morning routine. like, exactly. except switch puppy butt with toddler feet.

Kira said...

Samesies on the pre-alarm! Also, many days the only way I can get out of bed is by convincing myself I can take a nap later. Only I never nap. But I need to tell myself I can. How does one become a morning person?

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