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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One of the first things Tim gave me after officially becoming a couple was a mixed tape (or mixed cd I suppose) of his favorite Minus the Bear songs. Ever since, they have become a favorite of ours.
Being in a long distance relationship, each visit we tried to soak up every second we were together. We would try and stretch out our nights as long as possible, hoping to never let exhaustion set in. Usually this meant driving around with nothing to do but talk for hours. We would pop in a Minus the Bear album and it made a perfect soundtrack for our adventures. For some reason, their music always seemed to match the tone of our relationship. Intense, yet relaxed and never taking itself too seriously.


I have always been one to match a time or event in my life to music. I can hear a song and instantly be reminded of a story from my childhood, a familiar face or an important event. I love the place those songs hold in my memory and the nostalgia it ensues when the tune starts to play. But there is something even more special knowing that when a familiar song comes on, the one you love is being reminded of the same great memory.


This year marks the 10th anniversary of their album Highly Refined Pirates , and they decided to go on tour to celebrate. Tim and I caught their Arizona show on Saturday. (note: This is the second “10th anniversary show” I have been to for a band and it makes me feel a little old. Am I seriously the person at the show saying things like “That kid was 4 when this album came out!”?)


Surprisingly, this was the first time either of us had seen them live and they exceeded our expectations. The sound was loud but clear and crisp and the band played these ten year old songs with a sincere energy and appreciation for their fans.
With every song that played another memory would come to mind. Then I would look at Tim and with his smile he would confirm, that he was sharing that same memory with me, once again.


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