Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have been sorta M.I.A. in all social networking for the past few days. Thursday I came down with a viral infection of some kind that made me insanely sick. I pretty much went to bed that night and woke up Saturday just in time to pick my bestie Sasha up from the airport. She was coming into town for the weekend to attend a wedding and I was not going to let some silly sickness keep me from spending quality time with ma gurl!


After the wedding duties were tended to, we spent a whole bunch of quality time together. As long as Sasha and I have been close friends, we have never lived in the same state. Most of the time when I visit L.A. she is wayyyy busy with the exciting life she lives.
(Example: Here)
We found ourselves exclaiming "this is fun!" while doing normal friend things like chatting on my bed, shopping and having dinner together. Seriously, the last time we got a one on one sesh in we had to meet up in Seattle! I tell ya, there is no better medicine then spending time with one of your favorite people!

So now I am trying to catch up on here, what's going on guys?


Emmy Kim said...

I have a personal trainer now, and he has one very long finger nail on his pointer finga... What's that for?

Kira said...

The internet missed you! Come check out my crafty Christmas posts when you get a chance!

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