Little Faces...

Friday, June 15, 2012

Forgive me for being that person right now but I got to spend a little time with my niece in LA this past weekend and as always it was the highlight of my trip so I am gonna gush for a second. I just snapped a few pictures of her before we said our goodbyes and I can't stop staring at that precious little thing. I love being an Auntie. I love knowing this little person and watching her grow and learn and being called "Auntie Branna" and knowing that I will have an effect on her life and choosing to be a part of it. I am sure I will  feel similar to this and probably ten times over when I have my own kids, but being "Auntie" is something special. The day Liela was born, I understood what the word Precious really means, and every time I see this face, I am reminded of it. 

End gushing. 


Az Life and Style said...

So adorable! I hope you had a great time in LA.
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XOX Ali :)

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