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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For some time now, ladies have been sporting beautiful fade to light locks, also know as Ombre. Considering the number of guests we get in the salon each week asking for this look, I have a feeling its gonna be sticking around for awhile longer. Of course, hair stylists are always looking for better and faster ways to improve a technique and since Ombre is in such high demand, it was on the top of our to do list. So last week at school, we took a kind little old mannequin head and tested out a way to do Ombre while the hair stays in a ponytail on top of the head. We were all pretty impressed with the results but I was aching to try it on a real living person.
Enter the 13 year old little sister, Olivia.
Ever since I started cosmetology school, my sisters request my services about once a week, so I finally used it to my advantage and made her my model! Here is how it went down...

Step 1:
Tie hair into ponytail on the top of head (If the hair is shorter, its probably best to tie one on top and an additional pony towards the bottom)

Step 2:
Tease hair up until you leave the desired amount you wish to color

Step 3:
Paint on lightner up to teased point. Saturate ends but feather towards the teased hair.
The feathering helps to avoid that hideous perfectly straight line that gives you a very defined two tone look. Example here

Step 4:
Let Process.

Step 5:
Take a picture of your smiling sister, who hates to smile because she is 13 but can't stop smiling because she loves her hair.
(We took the two top photos pretty late at night, so I restyled her hair the next morning and I liked it even more!)
(Note: the night before I also cute off a good three inches and freshened up her layers so her hair looks extra healthy! Little mini makeover for the Livster!)

 I absolutely hate seeing girls with Ombre hair and no dimension. I think this style looks the best when the placement appears more natural and random instead of straight across and clearly sectioned. I love this technique! It does everything I love and in half the time. It's the perfect way to lighten up your locks for summer. So who's next?


Kara said...

This. Looks. Awesome. I am LOVING seeing your work on the blog and Instagram!! You are quite a talent :)

Emmy Kim said...

Here here!

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