Little Sister #2

Monday, June 25, 2012

So I did not intend to have back to back sister posts but as I said before, they are my most needy clients and since they live around the corner from me, it is rather hard to escape them!
Let me introduce you to little sister # 2, also known as Maliea, but most often known as Pukah. 
She does not get a lot of face time on the blog because she is 16 and daily wins the award for Most Angsty Teenager in the World and never wants to take pictures or participate. Ah, don't you miss being a teenager and hating the world? 
Moving the middle of having a bad attitude and rolling her eyes, she may have expressed her desire for red hair once or twice or a million times. We are not talking Emma Stone red or maybe Christina Hendricks red. Oh no, we are talking Rihanna, bright, bright red. Your only 16 once right?
So yesterday morning I woke up way too early for a Sunday and got to work on her massive head of hair. 

* and I apologize for theses out of focus shots... I am not on the top of my camera game before noon on a weekend.

Maliea likes to call the before hair, her Mufasa look:
 So a little history for you all... My dear sister may have been riding solo on this journey to red hair for awhile and she may have only had grocery store color to sustain her. Let this faded orange hair be a   lesson my friends, patience is a virtue and you should trust a professional (or at least an almost professional!) Thank god for the cute face!

Half way there and getting excited! Well as excited as she can get

And 4 inches off and a blow dry later...we have the Little Mermaid! 

She loves it, my parents hate it... ain't that they way it always goes? For the record, I am a fan! Im sure my parents are gonna the lay down the law soon and insist she opt for a shade that does not require sunglasses to observe, but for now she has finally gotten everything her little teenage heart desires. 
And really, isn't just the little things that matter when your 16?


Emmy Kim said...

Your IG did not do the color of this hair any justice. I freaking love it! I agree, do it now, 'cuz you won't when you have to be "responsible." Well, maybe you will. Great work MBK!

Kara said...

Omg that is SO gorgeously red! I wish I'd had such balls at age 16.

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