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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

For the first time since starting school the dreaded group project has waved its ugly head. We were warned by senior students that this class is usually the one that makes you or breaks you because of the detrimental-to-your-life-if-not-completed group projects. Maybe group projects aren't so bad but when your a little bit controlling (just a little bit or more maybe?) and you are working on something creative, it can sometimes be hard to put that in the hands of others. Thankfully, the premise of this project was exciting and fun enough for me to set my worries aside. Very closely to the side.
I was lumped into a group of three with my dear little friend Sully and our classmate Katie. The objective of the project is to mimic what it is like to do editorial styling perhaps on a photo shoot or on the runway, where you are required to change looks fast. You have to choose an inspiration, select three looks and re-create those looks. Simple enough, right? The catch... each look in regards to both hair and makeup cannot be broken down before moving onto the other. So if you start with cat eyes and red lips, your gonna end with it too. You were required to write a 1000 word essay, do a photo shoot, create a storyboard and present a multimedia of your choice.
We decided to turn to one of the most important players in the fashion and beauty industry for inspiration...Vogue. We chose three vogue covers, of different eras and different looks to recreate. 

Look 1- Hair, Sully / Makeup, Bri/ Model, Katie



Look 2- Hair, Sully/ Makeup, Bri/ Model, Katie



Look 3- Hair, Sully and Bri/ Makeup, Bri/ Model, Katie



We had a good time putting these looks together and surprisingly enough, we were able to knock all the photos out in one evening with a couple of weeks to spare before the due date! 

Naturally, you would think I would continue on with this ahead-of-the-game momentum and get a head start on the video portion of the project, right? But then how exciting would that be?Instead I went to Comic Con and waited until 12 am to start editing and finished sometime around 4am. What can I say, I do my best work under pressure. 
Procrastination might as well be my middle name, but I am glad it's not because that would be weird. Tim not so secretly wishes failure upon me every time I delay responsibility in hopes I might one day learn my lesson,  but the gods of time management always seem to grant me just a little more grace. 

Bb Challenge Video from Brianna Kim on Vimeo.

This was basically my first time testing the waters of editing video. Which makes all the more sense why I would wait until the morning before its due to take a swing at it, right? It definitely has some flaws, but overall I am pretty happy with how it turned out. It's really fun to see your hard work turn into something. 
So I guess group projects aren't so bad....but that might change when we get our grade next week. Fingers Crossed!

A couple of thank you's are in order. 
My wonderful husband TK- for helping hold lamps, buying us girls dinner, shooting a little bit of video and just being an overall great help during the photo shoot. Husband of the Year!
My BFF Jerame- For finding the perfect music for the video, after which I am sure was an obnoxious time of him showing me a bunch of different music and me complaining about all of that it just wasn't right! Your a trooper!
and to Sarah Rodes at Arrow and Apple- I recently took a class from Sarah on creating light indoors and I honestly could not have completed looks 2 and 3 (which were shot in my kitchen after sun down) without her tips. I know they aren't perfect, but boy they could have been so much worse! She is a genius and you should sign up for her new e-course here!

Now go get yourVogue on. 


mandyface said...

Those look awesome! You are supa dupa talented!!

Emmy Kim said...

Finally watched the vid! Can we do a maternity vid??? And photoshoot... Yes? GREAT!

Brittany LeSueur said...

This is awesome...somebody needs to get me vogued-up immediately!!!

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