All Rav-4's go to Heaven

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So remember that friend, Jerame, I told you about the other day. Filipino, psycho, obnoxious, bff? Got it? Okay good.
Well he has this car. It's a SeaFoam Green 1997 Rav-4. Yeah, SeaFoam Green.
It's a piece of shit.

Now you might be thinking, "Well gee Bri, its old. It's not the cars fault".
But the odd thing is, I sorta remember it being a piece of shit from day one.

I think Jerame upgraded to the Rav-4 from a little red car that smelled like cat pee when I was about 15. I did not have a license when I lived in California so the Rav-4 was my primary mode of transportation. But I am no freeloader. I payed my fair share of gas money and many halved cold cut trios from subway.

We had many adventures in this car. This little car took us everywhere. It's played confessional many times. It has heard way too many stories and knows too many incriminating secrets.
I cried a lot in that car but I know I laughed twice as much.
I once had to sit in the backseat to make room for a teddy bear named Cocoa and I was locked out of it in the middle of a McDonalds drive-through.

It has been a karaoke bar and even a trash can during a very unfortunate protest.
It has had more people in it than seat belts too many times to count and it was forced to make it on as close to empty as it possibly could for long periods of time. Don't worry. We put a post-it in front of the gas gauge and if you can't see it, it does not count.
Oh, and it was rarely cleaned and I am pretty sure there are diseases in it.

As you can tell it has seen better days. At the beginning of the week, before I got to San Francisco,  it took its final shit. It was inevitable, Jerame had to buy a new car.

And that he did! Sasha and I ventured to the dealership with him on Saturday morning to pick up his new Prius!

He looks all cute and proud right? We were pretty proud too. Even though we were stoked for Jer to finally have a car with a windshield you could see through, a working horn, automatic windows and air conditioning... we were sad to see the Rav go. We had to pay it one last visit, while it sat in the parking lot at Jerame's work unable to move.

We all became just a little more adult that day as we said goodbye to yet another piece of our childhood. We already made some great memories in the new Prius, but the Rav can never be forgotten.

You served us well little sea-foam green beauty, now the salvage yard awaits you.



Emmy Kim said...

That last bit about becoming more adult jabbed me in the heart!

Kara said...

What a touching tribute! Almost shed a tear!

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