Friday, August 5, 2011

The most exciting thing to happen to me this week is that Emily gave me a pen that not only switches from black to red...

It also has a mirror for convenient and inconspicuous vanity checks.

So add poor sleep and a stuffy nose and that pretty much sums up my week. But that does NOT have to be my weekend, right? Right!
My little sister Olivia turns 13 on Sunday so we have big plans to party it up the way 13 year olds party it up! I am just hoping it does not involve The Biebs.

Here are some links I enjoyed this week:

-Vegan Nutella? A must try

-This is why I love teachers. via @jlyoungsma

-Drew + Best Coast + Cute young celebs here...Do I need to remind you of my love for Drew?

-Maybe I should give Walmart another shot? Probably not. Via MountainPotato

- I have seen so much Saved By The Bell related material this week, it makes me want to go home and play the game. These were my faves:

-Interactive Youtube SBTB game...what!?

-SBTB/Final Destination Mash up Via CromeYellow(BTW-Did you know I love Final Destination? All of them.I cannot get enough)

Have a great weekend!


Kira said...

Ummm soul mates much? I LOVE Final Destination. Do you have a all time favorite Final Destination death? Cause I'm pretty sure mine is the two girls who got stuck in the tanning beds. But maybe the nail gun in the face kid.

bri kim said...

Oh geez! If I was in LA we could totally have an FD marathon together! hmm favorite kill...I really love the end of the second one when the kid blows up at the bbq! haha but the tanning bed is priceless!

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